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The health care system for the future – today.

Functional medicine is a personalized, system-oriented medical approach that allows clients and healthcare professionals to achieve better health by working together to address the underlying causes of illness.

The Health Improvement Program is a comprehensive program where we integrate all of these elements.

A large international team of world leading researchers believes that a new approach to the “epidemic” of chronic illnesses is needed: given the unique role that chronic inflammation plays in the development of physical and mental illness, researchers believe that successful programs should target the areas of the individual and his / her environment that promotes pro-inflammatory stimulation. Healthcare professionals and researchers must educate patients and guide people to seek anti-inflammatory preventive and therapeutic measures. At the individual level, we must provide guidance on better dietary choices, engaging in health-optimizing behaviors and practicing stress management to activate the parasympathetic nervous system and prioritize sleep, they write.

The EU and the Nordic countries and Norway also say that they will implement a paradigm shift in single services by 2030 – from today’s reactive and diagnosis-focused health care system to a more involving, holistic, preventive, preventive and personalized health care system.

We at the Functional Medicine Institute have had this focus for many years in the Health Improvement Program and have educated and guided thousands of clients on personalized medicine and how to potentially optimize their own health. 

Big and important medical breakthrough from world-leading researchers – Strong increased recognition of environmental factors in chronic conditions and what we can do with it.

Researchers from 22 institutions, including Harvard, Stanford and UCLA warn: public health crisis due to chronic inflammation – but gives hope and points to a number of environmental factors that can be influenced by each individual.

They describe how long-lasting, low-grade inflammation (not easily measured in “regular” blood tests) in the body plays a key role in heart disease, cancer, diabetes, kidney disease, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and autoimmune and neurodegenerative disorders. And further how factors such as stress, diet, inactivity, intestinal dysbiosis (imbalance in the microbial population) and environmental toxins, such as mercury and others – together influence the development of these conditions.

We at Funksjonellmedisin have taken this complex seriously and have for many years developed a program, the Health Improvement Program, where you can learn and about your own health status and how you interact with the environment. We are client centered and not doctors centered, meaning that customers are the driver of the process – and we offer knowledge, experience and guidance. In our program you will get education combined with the possibility of being followed up by doctors and other therapists. And in this way, participants have the opportunity to take responsibility for their own health improvement process.

In line with several of the leading hospitals in the world.

Several other world-leading hospitals in the world (such as the two ranked number one and two in the United States, the Mayo Clinic and named the Cleveland Clinic and now also No. 3 ranked Johns Hopkins) are developing their own Centers for Functional Medicine and Personalized Medicine – and is experiencing tremendous demand from people all over the world.

Good health as a skill – not as a fate.

In the largest meta-analysis of its kind ever, scientists show that genetics account for only five to 10 percent of the risk of most diseases – and they think one should look for causes in the susceptible environment rather than in the genes. That is exactly what we do in the Health Improvement Program. Together with education and the possibility of personal follow-up from our affiliated doctors and others – you will be able to use our in-house developed digital health improvement platform specially developed for personalized medicine. Read more about our Health Improvement Program here.

How to participate in one of the programs

The starting point to our program is an intake meeting where you will get to know about Functional Medicine and our entire comprehensive offering. There you will get a good basis for deciding which of our offers might be right for you. We believe it is important that you get thorough information about our offer before choosing. And in that way you can make a good and informed choice. To book intake meeting, please call us in the opening hours at +47 97992500 or email post@funksjonellmedisin.no. First possible intake meeting is 8th of June from 13 to 16 and then research meeting the day after (9th of June) at 13 to 16. After the research meeting you will have everything you need to start comprehensive research and do lab tests.  

We remind you that the Health Improvement Program and our services are not an alternative to the ordinary and public health care system. We have a great cooperation with the health care system and we offer an addition and not an alternative. We strongly advice all our customers to seek a good cooperation with primary doctor and the public health care system.

Research and knowledge

We believe that knowledge about the body, health and diet can potentially be crucial to optimizing health. We continuously integrate new knowledge and research into our programs. And we publish several times each week throughout the year new interesting research that is widely published internationally in recognized journals, and of course always references to the original articles and studies. We publish articles that are relevant to us and our customers in various ways. But we remind that although we believe new knowledge is interesting for both us and our customers – we will not for that reason alone, integrate it into our programs. You can read our over 1,000 articles here (In Norwegian).

About our centers

Our main activity is education and training in the area health and diet.
We also have connected independent doctors and other related therapists.
Educators can be doctors, dietary experts, nutrition therapists and other professionals and others with relevant knowledge and experience.

Individual follow-up by a doctor or other therapists

All customers can, if necessary, book individual consultations with one of the doctors, dietitians or health coaches who are associated at the Funksjoinellmedisin.

Laboratory tests and financial independence.

We are very dedicated about our financial independence from various industry players, such as laboratories, pharmaceuticals and others. If you, as a participant in one of our programs, want to take laboratory tests, then the participant makes an appointment with external laboratories. We have no financial incentives or interests in connection with any laboratory testing or other industry players.


Our education program cannot replace follow-up by the GP or the other services in the health care system. The knowledge acquired must only be regarded as a complementary offering and must not be regarded as a substitute to the health care system. We encourage all our clients to seek good cooperation with the GP and other health services, and would recommend anyone to contact the GP or other parts of the health care system if necessary.

The center and contact

We have offices in Oslo and Trondheim. Our head office is in Huidtfeldtsgate 9a in Vika in Oslo, about five minutes walk from the National Theater station. Managing Director is Anders N. Krokfoss and the head of the administration is Silje Dam Tretroten. You can contact us at mail post@funksjonellmedisin.no or call  +47 97 99 25 00.

Silje Dam Tretroten


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